Kemble's Cascade

I was out experimenting with a DSLR attached to my RC recently and was browsing DSOs high in the sky.  On top of the RC I have a camera with a 135mm SLR lens to act as a viewfinder because I find it very difficult to look through the rather-small, straight-through finder on the 'scope.  I realised I could use it to image Kemble's Cascade  "a beautiful cascade of faint stars tumbling from the northwest down to the open cluster NGC 1502".  This gives a larger view than I has done previously.  Here is a reduced-size image, the full sized one can be seen here, on my web site.  I have tried to bring out the colours with some success.  I am told this cascade is clearly visible in binoculars, but I've not seen it myself.  It is in Camelopardalis, about 6° from Alpha.

The picture is a mosaic of three taken with an Imaging Source DFK 21AF04 colour camera fitted with a 135 mm SLR lens operating at f/4, mounted on an iOptron iEQ45 Pro mount.  The exposure was 27 seconds.  The background of one picture was slightly lighter than the others, so I darkened it to match, then constructed the mosaic using iMerge.  The final image was darkened again to remove the remaining background and the colour saturation increased by 30%.  

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